Monday, April 30, 2012


We found a nest in a wood pile in our back yard with our duck named Honey sitting on it! She's been there a week, so we should be seeing baby ducklings in a few more weeks. So cute!

We also set up a nest in the garage with a broody hen named Kyoger. She is sitting faithfully on some fertilized eggs and being a surrogate mother. We did this last year with her and she hatched out 3 chicks! We have 6 eggs under her this year.

Coming soon - turkey chicks this week and piglets next week!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lots of chicks!

We have 30 new chicks and more on the way! There are two school groups that are incubating some of our eggs, and will bring the chicks back after they have hatched. We also have a broody hen who we are going to (hopefully) have hatch out some (hopefully) fertile eggs. Those chicks will be Rhode Island Reds and Silkie Cochins.
The chicks are so cute and grow so fast! We got mostly Buff Orpingtons and Golden Sexlink chicks, but decided to try two new breeds - Brahmas and Turkins. See the pictures below!

They started out in a bin in the house, and then at 3 weeks old moved to a pen in the garage.

                    Look at their cute little faces! They have some adult feathers and some chick fuzz!

 This is an interesting new kind called a Turkin or a "naked neck"! It looks like a Dr. Suess bird!

 A Black Jersey Giant chick

 A Buff Brahma

A white Brahma. So sweet and fuzzy! awwww!

We are definitely adding to our flock. We'll see how many eggs hatch out from the school incubator projects and our mother hen hatching project! We'll find out in about 3 weeks!