We have lots of varieties of pumpkins growing this year! Our pumpkin varieties are Sugar (Pie) Pumpkins, Wolf, Lumina, Cinderella, Jack Be Little, Baby Boo,  Jarrahdale, Sorcerer, and special for this year - Pink Porcelain Doll - a pink variety that will be sold to raise money for the Pink Pumpkin Patch foundation to benefit breast cancer research!

Pumpkin Prices vary - the Sugar pumpkins range from $1-$3 each, while the other pumpkins are sold by weight, ranging from .45 cents per pound up to .65 cents per pound.

You can buy the pumpkins from our market (which is located near the chickens before the entrance) without paying an admission for the activities.
Otherwise, if you pay an admission (which includes all barnyard activities, and seeing the animals) you will be able to pick your pumpkin right from the patch!

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