Field Trips/Group Rates

Washoe County School or Church Field Trip Rate
The field trip rate for a washoe county school group or church group to the Pumpkin Patch is $5.00 per person (student or parent chaperone) Teachers and aides are free.

This rate includes a small pumpkin, animal tour, barnyard activites, craft and storytime, and hay ride. (a $9.00 value)

If the group is larger than 25 people, we will have you split up into smaller groups and rotate activities, otherwise you will go to each activity as a whole group, then pick your pumpkins at the end.

We have a large grass area and a covered pavilion that is available for group use at no charge for school groups, or for a fee for private parties.

Preschool/Day Care Group Rate
The group rate for field trips of other organized groups, such as a preschool or day care NOT affiliated with the school district and less than 20 people is $6.00 per person (child or parent)
Only one day care/preschool teacher is free (the organizer).

This rate includes a small pumpkin, hayride, and free time at the fun track, kids corn maze, visiting animals, and barnyard activities. (an $8.00 value)

Spring Farm Field Trips We also host farm field trips other than the Pumpkin Patch during the months of April through August  where the children will get a fun and educational tour of the farm animals.

 They will be able to  learn about and help feed animals, take a hay ride, and enjoy a storytime and seed planting activity in the barn. 

The farm field trip is $4.00 per person (child/adult), and lasts about 1 hour.

You must schedule groups at least one week ahead of the arrival date. You may contact Natalie at to schedule your group event or field trip.