Sunday, August 8, 2010


The pumpkin patch is full of flowers!

We have been seeing a lot of this:

and a lot of these!

I hope we get enough pumpkins... our "goal" is 2500.

Thanks to Daron's busy bees who are helping every day. (and hopefully making some sweeeet honey!)


Mrs. Officer Andelin said...

I was hoping the bees would get to work!!

I am so excited to visit a pumpkin patch close to home this year!!!


Deb said...

Looks great! I hope this all works out for you guys!

Tyson Andelin said...

Cool! Pumpkins. And then you will sell them for 10 bucks a piece at least. Wow. they are so expensive down here. I went to a yard and the big ones went for 30-50 bucks a pumpkin.