Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Additions to the Farm

We recently added 2 unique animals to our farm.  Please welcome Gandalf and Aragorn  - our Emus! (pronounced ee-moo or ee-mew)
Emus are very interesting birds.  They will eat just about anything, are very curious and like to play in water.  See the pictures below. 
Emus are from Austrailia and are the 2nd largest flightless bird, (the largest are Ostriches).  Emus are very friendly but their curious nature causes them to peck at most things (which is anoying if you happen to be in their pen fixing something).  They can run very long distances at a time and can sprint up to 31 mph. Emus have a nail on their toes, like a knife, which is used in kicking away predators.  They can go a long time without food, which is good because the boy emus will sit on the emu eggs until they hatch.

That is one big bird bath!



jbr said...

How exciting! My kids still talk about the pumpkin patch.

carrie said...

Emus are not the most attractive animals, are they? But better not say that when they can hear you or they might swat you with their knife-like claw. That is cool that you got them. I think that they are so funny to watch!