Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Emu Whisperer

We have two emus and they sure are funny birds!

Our son is about the same heighth as them and so maybe they don't feel threatened by him..... they let him stand by them, pet them and get up close and personal. My husband says they run away or try to chase him when HE is in their pen.

Maybe Kaleb is the emu whiperer...

                                                                staring contest



Staci said...

So funny. I would run before any whispering could be done.

Imran Khan said...

yes really so funny and i love that type of pictures :). i also have a huge collection of birds pictures some is my own captured and some i collected from the different blogs but all are the best for me :) thanks for sharing these pictures and if you want to see my collection then you visit this blog and hope you really enjoy that