Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farm Camp FUN!

Thanks to all the kids and parents who helped our first farm camp to be a success! We had some great times, and the kids loved it! I think they learned a lot and went home happy. Here's a little peek at our week!

The kids had lots of experience feeding and interacting with the animals 


Horse and pony rides



Bonding with and leading the alpacas



Crafts, Fun and Games


This was a GREAT bunch of kids!!
We will hold farm camp again next summer, and will offer a few different sessions so stay tuned!


carrie @ the boonie life said...

What fun! It looks like it was a hit. :)

Laramie said...

Enjoyed being at the pumpkin patch today and looking at all your great photos during the year. Love your background of your blog.

Thanks for all the fun. My daughter loved the horses!